Dear Steve,                                                                                                 

As you know my mother passed away peacefully on June 12.  Our family continues to mourn our loss but also reflects on the extraordinary care that Ashbrook's staff provided over the years.   I'd like to take a moment to thank you for your kindness and oversight as well as your employees for not only providing unparalleled medical care but also providing a lifestyle which enabled my mother to have a quality of life in her final years.  

Some of the activities that come to mind are bingo, trivia, current events, singers, performers, outdoor courtyard activities, trips to Broadway shows, local buffets, restaurants, 4th of July fireworks, local nurseries, pumpkin picking, chorus, planting flowers, painting pictures, basketball games, etc.  She loved having her nails done, something which she never had a desire for while living at home.  It was so nice to see her smile seeing her so coiffed.  She cared so much about your staff, and each and every resident there.   She always had me checking on someone, to make sure that the other resident was feeling okay.  She was able to make many friends at Ashbrook and I know she contributed to the overall camaraderie there.   She welcomed the distinction of "Vice President of Recreation", as she loved being involved and having a voice in planning activities.  

I spent a lot of time at Ashbrook with her as you know, and got to know your staff personally.  I would like to identify each and everyone who seemed to go over and above their call of duty to make my mother feel welcomed, important, vital, happy, content and fulfilled.  They are:   Amy, Robin, Tracy, Ursula, Leslie, Dawn, Nancy, Patrick, Rinada, Marie, Jadwiga and Shayna (making sure my mother had a good meal during her stay there, and most particularly something soft to eat in her final two months where eating became challenging).  Judy and Donna were the greeters at the front door, always making me and my family feel welcomed and always taking an interest in my mother's health. All the people named above are special people whose profession is difficult given life and death responsibilities.   Your staff is awesome and I hope you share this letter with each of them and convey my thanks for a job well done.   My mother would have wanted me to write this, and it is my pleasure to do so. In closing, some are skeptical when it comes to nursing home care but in my Mother's case her life was enhanced by the care, activities and interaction with staff and residents thereby providing a quality of life for her and a peace of mind for us.  Thanks Steve.






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