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Welcome Aboard Llanfair House By Suzette Aguirre, The Eden Alternative on March 26, 2014

Llanfair House in Wayne, NJ joined the Eden Registry on March 14, 2014. They are home to about 165 Elders. They are divided into three living areas. The building is designed so that each living area has its own patio access and each Elders’ room has a little bit different view out of the window. They have been busy doing some updating to the home and everyone has been a part of the decisions about the changes being made. If you arrive at mealtime, your meal will be served in courses. You will enjoy some opera music, which is a favorite of the Elders. You will see Elders and employees eating and visiting together during the meal. If it is lunchtime, you will have the pleasure of choosing from the items on the dessert cart. During the summer, the care partners enjoy outdoor barbeques. Once a quarter, there is an elegant meal served quarterly. Everybody getting dressed up and family is invited to come and join their loved one. There is a cooked-to-order breakfast buffet that goes to the different living areas once a week. If you are still hungry, or just want to do some shopping, stop by the General Store run by the Elders. New Elders have an Ambassador that greets them as they move in. The Ambassador visits daily and makes sure all your needs are being met. If you see someone going above and beyond as a care partners, be sure to stop by the Hero Wall and fill out a recognition note. The vision that this community is: We are a community striving to inspire, nurture and celebrate the human spirit by working together as a family to create home. They are well on their way. Welcome to the Eden Registry!


Windsor Garden By Suzette Aguirre, The Eden Alternative on March 20, 2014

Windsor Garden Care and Rehabilitation Center in East Orange, NJ joined the Eden Registry on March 14, 2014. Three neighborhoods within the building are home to 215 Elders: Presidential Estates, Orange Terrace and the Grove. The main gathering space that everyone gravitates to during the day is the Hobby Lobby. It has computers and interesting activities going on all day long.Special meals are a monthly tradition in the Hobby Lobby along with cooking demonstrations.Nestled in a residential neighborhood, the Elders are a member of the community. Across the street is a day care and down the street is a church. There is also some shopping in the area. There is a good percentage of young adults who live in the home. As you might guess, they have some very specific dining requests. So, they work with the dining care partners to tailor the menu to meet their needs. If you are new to the community, an Ambassador will meet you and spend time with you daily to make sure all your needs are being met. If you see someone going above and beyond, fill out a star card and post it on the bulletin board. The star cards are for any care partner, Elder or employee. This community’s vision is: We, the leadership team at Windsor Garden Care and Rehabilitation Center, commit to enriching the lives of the community we serve with love and laughter, while promoting a sense of well-being where everyone feels welcomed and valued. They have been working hard at helping everyone to learn it, so go ahead, ask anyone, they should know it well. This is a community committed to growing each other. We cannot wait to see what they do next! *********** ChangingAging™ is a multi-blog platform challenging conventional views on aging. We believe aging is a strength, rich in developmental potential and growth. We welcome anyone who is interested in changing aging, whether you're an elder, youngster or just trying to figure out what comes after adulthood.