Certified Nursing Assistant - Full Time - 11 to 7 Shift

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Llanfair House


Wayne, NJ

An important role in the daily life of this home is filled by the CNA Care Partner. To accomplish this role, you will protect, sustain, and nurture the residents by honoring their needs, choices, and preferences during the daily flow of life in the home.

You are the person who knows the residents most closely; in some cases, you are their voice and often their closest friend. You help the resident become well-known within the home. You ensure that everyone honors the resident’s need for privacy, dignity and respect.

To ensure that the care partner team can help you fulfill this role, the following is required:

  • Partnering with the care partner team in honoring choices and preferences of residents during the flow of daily life (upon arising, in eating, bathing, during treatments and upon sleeping), during community events, and other activities that provide meaning to our residents’ lives
  • Being responsible for the security of residents by ensuring that they are well-known in the community by verifying that residents have their preferred names in their wrist bands and in their door frames
  • Being responsive to the needs of residents during moving into or moving out of the home (during neighborhood transfer, transfer to acute facilities, or during death); the CNA care partner ensures that resident’s personal belongings and equipment are transferred with the resident, accordingly.
  • Being an advocate for quality of care by assisting the Nurse Care Partner during medical treatments, taking in and recording of medical information (such as weight, blood pressure, temperature, pulse and respiration)
  • Communicates with the Nurse Care Partner and/or Supervisor Care Partner any and all changes in resident’s condition, concerns and complaints that resident and/or family members may have
  • Being a good steward of our environment and resources by adhering to current infection prevention standards; the CNA care partner ensures that resident equipment and belongings (such as bedpans, urinals, catheter bags) are cleaned and sanitized and that common areas (such as utility rooms, shower rooms, nourishment room, dining room and all other nursing areas) are kept clean
  • Being responsive to the needs of the residents, families, and your peers by keeping your promises (such as answering the call bell promptly)
  • Respect and desire to foster positive interactions for all the people the CNA care partner comes in contact with
  • Shows honor and respect for the sacredness of death by performing postmortem care according to the beliefs and preferences of the deceased resident
  • Flexibility and a willingness to modify role duties for the residents and the overall good of the community
  • A CNA Care Partner must be able to read, write and understand the English language so that he/she can communicate effectively with the care partner team
  • Commitment to growth and learning by demonstrating the completion of mandatory twelve (12) hours continuing education programs provided by the home in order to maintain certification
  • A CNA Care Partner must have a high school diploma or equivalency and must have successfully completed a New Jersey approved Certified Nursing Assistant Program.
  • Must provide annual verification of a negative Tuberculin Skin Test (TST)